Status: Closed – September 2 2019

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Reference Guide

Single Character

Digital render of a single character without background or matte background.

Speed paint

Digital speedpaint of a character in an environment. Rendering will be blockier as opposed to finely detailed.

single character + BG

Digital render of a single character as the main focus of the illustration, with minor background/foreground accents.

rendered scene

Digitally rendered illustration of a character in a scene, or an environment as the focus.

intricate scene illustration

Digitally rendered illustration that includes any amount of figures and complex background.

single character - pencil

Traditional pencil drawing on any paper type, with minor background accents. Size negotiable, starts at 8.5" x 11"

single character gauche

Gauche painting on any paper type with one character without background. Size negotiable, starts at 8.5" x 11"

scene illustration pencil

Traditional render of a scene with colored pencil to fill out en entire page. Size negotiable, starts at 8.5" x 11"

scene illustration gauche

Gauche painting with multiple characters and background in a complex scene. Any color paper. Size negotiable, starts 11" x 17"

Don’t see what you would like here? Please feel free to email me at I love trying new, daring things.

* All prices are the minimum price in USD, and are subject to change depending on the complexity of project and the time. Once you describe your piece, you will receive a final quote and agreement. Prices do not include any shipping cost if required.

How do you accept Payment?
I send out invoices via PayPal or VenMo.